Jan 26, 2019 filed under Beatitudes, Humility.

summer hibiscus

It’s been a while since you and I went on a mini-retreat to enjoy bright flowers, sun glinting through the trees, and birdsong.

Join me for a 90-second stroll in the sun to the calming words of my fave spiritual book, Abandonment to Divine Providence, written by Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade more than 250 years ago.

Relax and enjoy….

Love always,


I run to this book all the time and highly recommend it. It you click the picture below and purchase the book, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.


17 Responses to “Summer Mini-Retreat in January”

  1. Fae

    Thank you, Rose. This is a beautiful meditation. I have been reading Fr. Caussade’s letters, contained in the book that you recommend, to the Sisters for whom he served as Spiritual Director. They are very refreshing reminders for daily life.


    • Rose Folsom

      Refreshing is a great word for it. He distills things to their essential, making life seem simpler.
      Thanks for your comment!

    • Martha Otten

      Very. Peaceful and beautiful dear Rose. Springtime reminders with wisdom…

      • Rose

        Happy to pass along God’s peace and beauty to my dear readers and friends.

  2. Patricia Lorenz

    Even from my home here in sunny warmer-than-up-north Florida your step into springtime was delightful. And your words are just as refreshing.
    I just added “see the cherry blossoms in DC” to my bucket list.

  3. Leah

    Such beautiful flowers.
    A nice spring break.
    Thanks Rose.
    God Bless your day

  4. Rose

    Happy to pass along God’s peace and beauty to my dear readers and friends.

  5. Janice Floyd

    There’s no closed captioning in the video, pictures are beautiful but can’t hear the words for I am deaf

    • Rose Folsom

      Dear Janice,
      You know, normally, I put the words in with the video, but Adobe has changed the video editing program so I have to re-learn how to do that! I value you and the participation of any other deaf readers, so I’ll try to either get closed captioning or insert the words ASAP. Meanwhile, here is the quote of Jean-Pierre de Caussade that I read with the video: “The present is always filled with infinite treasure, it contains more than we have the capacity to hold. The divine action places before us at every moment things of infinite value, and gives them to us according to the measure of our faith and love. The divine will is a deep abyss of which the present moment is the entrance! If we plunge into this abyss we will find it infinitely more vast than our desires. Receive your fullness from the will of God alone, it will not leave you empty…..The more the heart loves, the more it desires; and the more it desires, so much the more will it receive.”
      God love you,

  6. Diane

    Very uplifting! As the snow falls outside right now, I am looking forward to spring!

  7. Leonardo J. Alcantara

    The meditation was a welcome retreat, if only for 90 seconds, from the under 20 degrees we are facing in Northern Virginia. St. Dominic, pray for us.

    • Rose Folsom

      Yes, Leo — bring back those azaleas and those baby geese in the sun. At least the days are getting longer now — a sign of hope. Thanks for your comment.