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Psalm 19 sunrise

I fell in love with Psalm 19 when I was a new Catholic. The drama of this psalm still gives me a thrill. Join me as we walk together through this beautiful ancient poem. I love thinking that Jesus knew this Psalm and knew it was about Himself!
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4 Responses to “Take a Meditative Stroll Through Psalm 19”

  1. Tom Roberts

    The beautiful 19th; a psalm of contemplation. There is an heroic hymn based on it which we sing at Our Lady Queen of Peace; my church. Much of my life has been filled with action challenges: what to do next and how to do it. For these I recite the 23rd Psalm. Although a Catholic I read and run these psalms through my mind in the Shakespearean English of the original King James Bible, the only literary masterpiece written by a committee.