Oct 5, 2018 filed under Prudence.

butterfly and flower on retreat

I enjoyed the yearly retreat in Pennsylvania led by my pastor, Fr. Dan Leary, last weekend. I’m thrilled to share with you a 3-min video with nuggets from a fabulous talk he gave. I loved feeling like you were with me!
Love always,

9 Responses to “Taking You With Me on Retreat”

  1. Faye

    Thank you, Rose. I had to miss Malvern again this year because of planning for our Introductory Stephen Ministry Workshop yesterday. Your sharing restores my soul like a pot of nourishing autumn soup.

  2. Rose Folsom

    COMMENTS that arrived via EMAIL
    Always enjoy hearing from you! Thanks for having me on you email list.
    John b

    Thank you Rose and God bless you. Mary Ellen

    ​I love your reflection on the retreat! I’m going to think on this today!
    Please keep my dad in your prayers in the meantime he’s been in constant pain for years and is desperate to find help from his degenerative spine illness. He will have surgery the second week of November and a very tough painful recovery if he makes it through the surgery.
    Yours in Christ,

  3. Barbara Kreutzer

    How wonderful to go on a virtual retreat! No church for me this morning, I have a stomach virus. Your virtual retreat filled the void with virtue.


  4. Tom Roberts

    With only a slight delay to feed my faithful dog and cat, I get busy with the day’s readings to fill my thoughts with grace. I do this with despatch. Then it’s off to the 6:30 Mass to fasten it all inplace.

    • Rose Folsom

      Wonderful you’ve got the habit of “letting God in” first, Tom. It’s so tempting to think, “I’ll just do one more thing before I pray” and then the day is gone. You’re an inspiration.