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Crazy that we’re the only animals that think about God, yet we’re finite – we have limits to the reach of our bodies and minds. But we know there’s something bigger outside of us and in our best moments we want to connect with it. In our very best moments, we know that we’re part of that infinity and it’s part of us. We think of God in terms of lightness, of luminosity.

And in our not-so-good moments, we lower our sights from the big picture and do something petty (which means small) like suspecting a co-workers motives or using a relationship for what we can get out of it. Selfish thoughts and actions are to our souls like tarnish on a silver spoon. The spoon’s still precious metal, but it can be hard to tell through the dusky coating.

Our souls are bright beyond imagining, created in the image of God. In the deepest part of us, we’re created to love and to be loved. But we can obscure that beauty when we fall into anger, lust, or other unhelpful behavior that is so familiar. And so corrosive.

If corrosive actions have become vices, we can even feel worthless – as if we’re all tarnish with no silver left! But we are always precious, even when we mistakenly think we’ve done something unforgivable. Our brilliant self, the one that God sees, is always waiting to be uncovered.

Soul polish
Our souls can be buffed up shiny and new no matter how much tarnish we have. It takes some effort – and a little help from your friends – to reveal the real you, but it’s always worth it. And always possible!

After bringing our sins to be healed and forgiven in Confession, we apply Virtue, which is polish for the soul. Virtues are strengths of character that keep the tarnish away.

Last week I gave a friend advice about something that was none of my business. Ouch – did I really say that? I realized I was wrong, stirred up my courage, and apologized. Voila! That’s all it took to wipe the tarnish off our friendship. No matter what has tarnished your peace of mind, practicing virtues like courage and humility will buff away everything that dims the clarity of your dazzling true self.

15 Responses to “The Real You”

  1. Jill

    Thank you for that. I really needed that. Just like Kathy said it hit home.

  2. Patty Soileau

    Thank you Rose. I really needed this today! I am tarnished right now but will try to shine myself up. God Bless You and your beautiful ministry!

  3. Marge

    Love your messages. Thank you so very much. May God continue to bless you & yours daily and abundantly!
    PS Thanks for the recipe!

  4. Maria

    I love that imagery of removing the tarnish to reveal the what’s precious. Thanks Rose!

    • Mary Alice

      Thank you Rose for those words of wisdom. My soul definitely needs some polishing as you pointed out and I want to re-review that piece in my life right now. Thanks again. I needed to hear that message

  5. Tom Roberts

    We’re finite so we think of God in finite terms. That means King. But that’s not big enough. That’s why I like Teresa of Avila’s vision of God: prayer is conversation with a friend.

  6. Etoile de Hawkins

    Thanks for the words of wisdom. Just what I needed at this moment. May God continue to bless and keep you and yours always.

  7. Debbie

    Thank you, Rose ❤️ 🌹
    I am going to make the fudge.
    Love the colorful tree!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    We are heading North East to be with family ❤️
    Many blessings

  8. Sharon

    Another great sharing that catches me with some of my flaws that need correction. Thanks Rose!