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Sunflower now on blue sky

World Youth Day is about to happen in Lisbon. At the same celebration in Panama four years ago, Pope Francis told his audience that they are the “now of God.” Isn’t that an awesome thought? Because we are all, always, the “now” of God. He foresaw this moment, foresaw the choices we would make that would lead us to where we are and who we are now.

From all eternity He saw us here on this day, this moment. God’s got big plans and you and I are part of it—at every moment!

But what does eternity have to do with now? God is outside of time, so His eternal “now” encompasses all the now’s that were, are, or ever will be. I read once that heaven is not with God, heaven is God. Another awesome reality that we can start living in our limited way right now.

It’s wonderful to think about, but it’s also a responsibility.

It makes me wonder things like:

• Can I see how everything that went before in my life set the stage for me to play the part in human history that God has called me to play today?
• How am I holding up my end of the deal, being alive in this place and time?
• What could I be doing a little differently that would better reflect that I am a child of God in our times?
• Have I thanked God lately for the life and guidance he has given me to bring me to this “now”?
• If, looking back, I see that I have not always fulfilled my part as “God’s now,” how can I do it better tomorrow?

There’s something so fresh about being “God’s now.” I can start all over again every moment—to let go, rest in His love, and let His love shine through me. Even if I blew it the moment before, I can, by His grace, try again with each new “now.”

Love always,

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  1. Dr. Carmel Fernandopulle

    Happy Birthday Rose! God’s choicest Blessings on you today and always.
    Share these wishes with your husband too.

  2. Peggy Dalton

    Happy birthday Rose. My birthday is also on July 31st. What a coincidence. I’m turning 80. Hope you and your husband have a blessed day.

  3. Connie

    Happy, happy birthday to you and your hubby! May the Lord bless you both with everything you wish for. Wishing you both more healthy years to celebrate!

    • Yvonne Templet

      Wishing you a very Happy and Blessed Birthday Rose, and Fred too! Thank you for the inspiring and uplifting message that we are to live in the “now,” that we can always begin again resting in the arms and love of our merciful Father allowing His love to radiate through us! His love sure pours forth through you to us!

    • Anne Gordon

      Happy Birthday to you and your husband. I just turned 70 too!
      I read your stories every Sunday. They help me. God bless you.

  4. Claudia Chiaradio

    A very happy and blessed birthday to you and your husband. May Our Lord continue to bless you and your husband with continued love, good health, and His Grace.

  5. Rhonda O’Donnell

    Happy Birthday to you and your husband!! My birthday was July 25. A blessed birthday year for you both!!

  6. Pamela Urdiales

    Happy Birthday Rose! I always love to read your meditations and today’s was especially thoughtful! I appreciate you!

  7. Jenean Jones

    Rose, may you and Fred have very blessed and happy, healthy bdays tomorrow! Live God’s now together each day. Thank you for sharing these insightful thoughts. It’s a special birthday today – my first born son. God Woke me up early to pray for him. He’s 45 today. I placed him for adoption when I was 30. God gave us the opportunity to meet again, so I know him as an adult. I’m so very grateful. God is good. All the time. All the time, God is good. Love and prayers for you both. Jenean

  8. Nancy Barlow

    May you and your husband Rose, have a joyful birthday filled with love of family and friends. And especially the eternal love of God.

  9. Denise

    Happy Birthday! My 70th birthday was 7/24!!! I’m trying to embrace it ❤️! I’m blessed to have been here this long. (The 31st would have been my 52nd wedding anniversary.)

    You always inspire me with your words of wisdom!

    Have a wonderful Birthday!🎂✝️🥳🎉❤️

  10. Marlys Dotzenrod

    Happy Birthday, Rose! May you have a glorious Lord’s Day!

  11. Mary Faye McAneny

    Beautiful sharing as I turn 75 this week, treasuring each beautiful God-filled day, one day at a time!
    Happy birthday, Rose and Fred.
    Much love
    Faye McAneny

  12. Gail

    Happiest Birthday!!! I thank GOD for your inspirational messages and hope you have a lovely Birthday!

  13. christine green

    Wishing you and your husband a wonderful birthday filled with love and laughter. I thank you Rose for your inspiring messages. I am going through a lot right now and God is seeing me through. One day at a time. God bless

  14. Marleen

    Happy Birthday Rose to you and Fred. May God bless you both today and all the days of your lives! I’m 70 and I’m embrace my age with joy….a lot of people don’t get this privilege! Love, laugh, enjoy and dance like no one is watching…..and if they are watching…who cares!!!!!

  15. Mary

    Happy birthday Rose and Fred may God continue to bless your lives!
    I’ll be 60 in two weeks

  16. Peggy Potere

    Happy Birthday to you and your Husband. God Bless you in all you do. May you live this life to the fullest. ✌️ Peace 🙏🙏

  17. Denise

    Happy Birthday to your husband! I sent a message before but forgot his Birthday greeting!

  18. Beverly Gribbin

    Happy Birthday Rose to you and Fred. May you have a blessed birthday with family and friends and celebrate many years of peace, happiness and good health. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Nancy Devlin

    Happy Birthday to you both!
    Enjoy the abundant Blessings God has planned for you

  20. MaryAlice Ruiz

    Happy Birthday Rose. To you and your hubby. May God continue to bless you with many more fun and blessed years and wonderful wisdom words to share with us.

  21. Rose M. Galaviz

    Happy Birthday, Rose and Fred. My birthday was July 24 and I begin with a new adventure at the age of 77 I am going on my first Cruise. Yes, every moment of life is a grateful gift of God’s love for us. Blessing to everyone.

  22. Tom Roberts

    HB GM & Fred. “Even if I blew it the moment before . . . “ That reminds me; today is the first day of the rest of my life.

  23. JoEllen Lavergne

    Love this!! Happy Birthday Rose!!
    May we all remain in God’s now!!

  24. Margaret

    Happy birthday to you and your husband. May God be with you.

  25. Patricia

    Happy Happy 70th Birthday, Rose to you and your husband.
    May God’s will be fulfilled in your lives.
    Thank you for all you do. 🙏🏼❤️☘️

  26. Liz Tomaszeski

    Wishing you and Fred a very Happy Birthday. May you continue to celebrate all through the year. Milestones are always a great gift. Many thanks for your insightful thoughts.

  27. Teresa

    Happy Birthday to you Rose and your husband. May you experience many more joy filled “now” moments and birth date years together.💕
    Thank you for your inspiration. I look forward to it each week.

  28. Kathy DiCiurcio

    Happy birthday to you and your husband Rose and May God Bless you both. Thank you Rose for this special post. I struggle sometimes to do what I know God wants me to do whether it be because of anger or disapproval or whatever. I love that God is so patient and merciful that he gives us another chance to do better the very next moment. I have to remember that we are God’s now.

  29. Lucy Edwards

    Rose, wishing you & your husband a Happy, Blessed Birthday. May your future years
    fill both of your lives with good health, fun, happiness in everything that you do.
    Thank you for your time spent inspiring my life with your intellectual knowledge & wisdom as I have learned so much from you.

    Happy Birthday to Both!
    Lucy Edwards

  30. Meleda Rathbun

    Happy Birthday Rose and Fred! Birthdays are important especially when we get older! Hugs, blessings and prayers for another year!
    Love abounds

  31. Cheryl Holley

    Happy Birthday to you Rose and your husband Fred. My Dad’s birthday is today also. He would have been 98 years old. Thank you for the spiritual messages you leave for us. Yes, its wonderful to know God’s infinite mercy gives us the opportunity to be “God’s now”.

  32. Cheryl Angelette

    Happy Birthday Rose & Fred hope you both have a blessed day 🌺

  33. Karen Lee

    Happy birthday to you and Fred, Rose! 🥳💜🌹May your special day be filled with all that brings you joy. May God bless you as you bless each one of us!
    Love, joy, and peace,