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Sunflower now on blue sky

At world youth day, Pope Francis told his audience that they are the “now of God.” Isn’t that an awesome thought? Because we are all, always, the “now” of God. He foresaw this moment, foresaw the choices we would make that would lead us to where we are and who we are now.

From all eternity He saw us here on this day, this moment. God’s got big plans and you and I are part of it—at every moment!

But what does eternity have to do with now? God is outside of time, so His eternal “now” encompasses all the now’s that were, are, or ever will be. I read once that heaven is not with God, heaven is God. Another awesome reality that we can start living in our limited way right now.

It’s wonderful to think about, but it’s also a responsibility. I makes me wonder things like:

• Can I see how everything that went before in my life set the stage for me to play the part in human history that God has called me to play today?
• How am I holding up my end of the deal, being alive in this place and time?
• What could I be doing a little differently that would better reflect that I am a child of God in our times?
• Have I thanked God lately for the life and guidance he has given me to bring me to this “now”?
• If, looking back, I see that I have not always fulfilled my part as “God’s now,” how can I do it better tomorrow?

There’s something so fresh about being “God’s now.” I can start all over again every moment—to let go, rest in His love, and let His love shine through me. Even if I blew it the moment before, I can, by His grace, try again with each new “now.” How awesome is that?

Love always,

10 Responses to “You Are “God’s Now””

  1. Ann

    Thanks for sharing your reflectiom on the Pope’s words. I hadn’t seen them and they are instructive.

    Your recent piece about prudence is still helping me. When faced with a decision, I ask myself, “What is the prudent choice?”

  2. Leah

    HiRose. WOW! I love this. I’ve always heard about. Livingonthe NOW, but beingthenow is an awesome thought.
    Please,dear Lord, guide me in beingYOUR NOW!


    Many prayers for your requested intention.?
    In Gods Time..

  3. Mary K Kuenzi

    Hi Rose,
    Will surely keep you in prayer about your upcoming decisions, whatever they may be. Let God lead you and you will never go wrong. Thanks for all your suggestions about virtue. They are so meaningful.

  4. Tom Roberts

    It’s a terrific prescription, being geared to now and in that context what can I do in service to God? I, like many people, spend a lot of my day in “what’s next?” and especially in projecting negative outcomes. This degrades my effectiveness in activities of the present; meeting people and being helpful to them. What I have failed to realize is that attending, with God’s help, to now is not only a reward in itself but frees me to engage in a much more healthy “what’s next?”

    • Rose Folsom

      I saw a T-shirt that read, “Something wonderful is about to happen.” It’s probably more helpful than “What’s going to screw up next?” My T-shirt reads too often: “What has gone wrong that I’ve missed?” Here’s to being part of God’s plan now and realizing — He’s got this.

  5. Maria Hamm

    Thanks Rose– “heaven begins now” — is a line from one of my favorite books– “He and I” by Gabrielle Bossis. It is a deep, deep, theological reality that when we grasp it– we live differently! We are called to be united to Christ– in the reality of each moment. It also relieves us of the overpowering sense of futility in trying to control the “now” rather than to embrace it! Thanks for your reminder of these critical truths! And for our Pope!