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“Writing a new story” is a powerful way to let go of past hurts (even really old ones). It works like this: you become aware of the “old story” you’ve been telling yourself to justify pet resentments. You write it down in gory detail – everything that person did to you and how it felt. Then, you pray for the grace to write a new story.

Write down the brand new (true) story that leaves your victimhood behind, and find a way to keep repeating it until your mind literally changes by forging new neural pathways in your brain. (Hint: gratitude is the key.) Resentments dissolve; that part of your soul is healed. You’re not bound by the old story anymore. You are free.

One example
Old story: A member of my parish always tries to take credit for what other adult formation team members have done. Like the time she was interviewed by the local Catholic paper and didn’t mention that there was even a team — like she did it all herself!
New story: Praying the Litany of Humility will remind me that underneath the pain of not being recognized for all the work I do, there is a deep joy in uniting my rejection with that of Christ on his way to the Cross.
Benefit: My suffering becomes redemptive; it’s “added to the sufferings of Christ” for the glory of God and the good of souls (including my own!). Yes, Jesus knows what you have done for him, and he’s the only one who really matters!

Another example
Old story: My parent made me an emotional cripple by the cruelty inflicted on me as a child. It’s their fault that I’ll never be whole.
New story: What happens if I begin a habit of looking forward instead of backward? Who does God intend me to be and how can I start growing toward that today? How would I think and act today if I put my injury to one side and did the best I can today with God’s grace? How can the pain be used for the good of others — as I get used to looking forward instead of backward, could I someday be a listening ear for someone with the same background to help them do that, too?
Benefit: Freedom in Christ, “who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light” (1 Peter 2:9).

The most amazing example
Amnon Weinstein is writing a new story with music, or rather musical instruments. The Tel Aviv violin maker has been restoring those that were played by prisoners in the Auschwitz Orchestra (yes, there was one) so that the old instruments, silent for 70 years, can sing a new song of hope to a new generation.

Musicians played some of these instruments on their way to the gas chamber. Weinstein is not letting that be the violins’ final story, though — he is composing a new one. The violins that he has given new life are now being played together in concert to create music that enlivens and inspires. The music streaming from the old violins, many with inlaid stars of David, soars to heaven and leaves the old story in the dust. “Each violin like this talks to the world of millions who are dead. That is a victory,” says Weinstein. “And each concert is a victory.” A video news story about his project, Violins of Hope, is at https://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/restoring-hope-by-repairing-violins-of-the-holocaust/

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  1. Linda Hartzell

    Happy New Year, Rose.
    May it hold many blessings for you.

  2. Angela LeMaire

    You have been such a blessing in my life. May you be blessed with a very happy new year.

  3. Dorothy Huggins

    I am doing the consecration to St Joesph. Thanks for telling me about it. I am enjoying it and learning much.
    Happy Blessed New Year! Keep up the good work.

  4. Joyce Miles

    Happy New Year !
    I believe that if you truly has let go of all the hurt,suffering, wrong doing,misjudged of others,family dispute God will renew your heart with good feelings of I ‘am free and I surrender all all to him and move forward with your life.

  5. Diane Upham

    Happy New Year, Rose!!! You are one of God’s special faithful beings that we all aspire to become!!

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  7. Tom Roberts

    For me two winners are John XXIII’s “Only for Today” and Mother Teresa’s “Do it Anyway.” They both transform life into a job with a spiritual paycheck. They’re both part of my daily “Pre-flight cockpit checklist.”

  8. Peggy Potere

    Wish you Rose, a Happy,Healthy&Blessed 2022 for & your Family. Thank you for your inspiration. ❤

  9. Diane Isabelle

    Happy New Year, Rose! Thanks for your inspiring reflections over the years.

  10. Marion K Arens

    Wonderful stories, info and prayers make me feel like we are old friends. God bless you for all you do. Happy New Year and be safe.
    I will join the group when we get money staight.

  11. Sabrina

    Happy New Year! Great practice to share with my daughter who is clawing her way back from another crisis and hospitalization. Praise God!

  12. Pat Westrick

    Happy New Year, Rose. Thank you for a very thoughtful and timely reflection. Be healthy and safe in this year, 2022.