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Girl celebrating mothers day with a gift

Mother’s Day is next Sunday. Sure, it’s originally the idea of the greeting card companies, but there can be no downside to stopping once a year to consider what we’ve been given through our mothers and those who are like mothers to us. And to express gratitude for it.

I’ll begin and end with inspiring quotes about mothers to help you honor your mother, godmother, or grandmother, with a dozen ideas for gifts that range from the spiritual, to the practical, to yummy, to pure fun.

First, the words of Ven. Fulton. J. Sheen from his book The World’s First Love:

“But the heart, too, has its agony, for although the new life is lived apart from the mother, the heart always keeps that new life as its own. What is disowned in the independence of a child is owned in the love of a mother-heart. Her body for a time follows her heart, as to each child at her breast she speaks the language of a natural eucharist: ‘Take and eat. This is my body; this is my blood.’ The time finally comes for the soul of the child to be nourished in the divine Eucharist by the Lord who said: ‘Take ye and eat. This is My Body. This is My Blood.’ Even then the mother-heart pursues, never ceasing to love the life that changed her from a woman to a mother.

“The other side of the picture is: as every woman begets a child, so every child begets a mother. The helplessness of the infant, in language stronger than words, solicits the mother, saying: ‘Be sweet, be self-sacrificing, be merciful.’ A thousand temptations of a mother are crushed in that one radiating thought: ‘What of my child?’”

With Sheen’s stunning words in mind, we realize that any gift to a mother can be only a token of our gratitude. But tokens, as signs of a greater love, take on great meaning. Below are a dozen fresh ideas how to show appreciation to your mother, or someone who has been like a mother to you.


Madonna and Child Jesus Renaissance Collection Figurine
If you’ve ever been on a zoom call with me, my copy of this beautiful 18-inch figuring is on a stand behind me!

Intricately detailed Madonna and Child measures approximately 5.75 x 3.75 x 18 inches; made of quality resin stoneware material.
From a review: “Delicately beautiful and well made. Looks much more expensive than it was. A great gift.”


Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary: Unveiling the Mother of the Messiah
by Brant Pitre

Having read The Jewish Roots of the Eucharist by Mr. Pitre, I can highly recommend this for its scholarship, common sense, and easy readability.

From a review: “This might be the best book I have ever read. Brant Pitre does an amazing job showing how to see Mary through the lens of the Jewish faith as well as comparing the Old Testament to the New Testament. This is a great book for Catholics as well as Protestants who are interested in learning about Mary, with no shortage of examples from the Bible. Everyone needs to read this book!”


Wine-Inspired Dark Chocolate Hearts
The reviews say these beautiful chocolates are also delicious: “I was apprehensive at first….but, it was recommended at another site as one of the top picks for higher end chocolate. I had one of the [Pinot Noir dark chocolate genache] hearts and she had one of the others and she liked it very much and I liked mine as well. We had it with a glass of red wine.”


Five-Star Gourmet Dried Fruit and Nut Collection
There are many fruit and nut collections, but this one is tasty, healthy, and eye-popping.

From a review: “3 ounces of yummy Californian sun-dried Angelina Plums, 3 ounces of large Dried Kiwi, 3 ounces tasty Dried Pineapple, 3 ounces dried Papaya, 2.4 ounces freshly roasted salted Almonds, 2.2 ounces crisp roasted salted Pistachios, 3 ounces Honey glazed Peanuts, and 1.8 ounces spicy Hot Cajun mix.”


Mother’s Kiss Figurine

From a review: “When I came across this figure of Mary and the Infant, I was struck at the sharp colors and the detail in Mary’s face! I had to order it. The statue stands [7 inches] tall and the detail in it is amazing!! What a beautiful face Mary has and the detailed, sharp, pop of color in her robes is gorgeous in person. You won’t be disappointed if you order this for yourself or as a gift. It’s simply gorgeous.”


Catholic Moms Prayer Journal

From a review: “Lovely resource for mothers! Would make a great gift for Mother’s Day! Each page has a section for personal reflection, what you are thankful for (which we should all consider daily) as well as who you are praying for. Love the quotes from scripture and saint also included in each page. The prayer section at the end includes many traditional prayers – which is super helpful for any prayer time.”


Flower thermal mug
A lovely way to remind her daily that you think she’s beautiful!

Reviews say that it keeps drinks hot for 30 minutes and will not leak if the top is screwed on well and the “latch” top pressed down.


Immaculate Waters
A gift set of lavender soap, shower wash, and body lotion — made with Lourdes Grotto water!


Leonie Martin: A Difficult Life
Saint Zélie Martin was a saint-making mother. But her daughters didn’t start out as saints – far from it. Read about her daughter Léonie, who went from household terror to Servant of God, inspired by her holy parents and sisters.

A sister of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, Léonie Martin (1863–1941) was one of the five daughters of Zélie and Louis Martin, who were canonized by Pope Francis. She was the least gifted of the five Martin sisters, an emotionally disturbed child who suffered much and caused much anguish in her family.

In letters to her daughters, sister, brother, and sister-in-law, Zélie confided the challenges she faced in raising Léonie. Yet Léonie was the first one in the Martin family to understand and to follow Thérèse’s Little Way.

After three valiant but unsuccessful attempts to enter consecrated religious life, Léonie was finally accepted by the Visitation Order in Caen. As a Visitation nun she succeeded in conquering a difficult temperament and other personal challenges, so that by the time of her death at 78, she was regarded by many as a saint. Her convent at Caen has been inundated with letters testifying to her posthumous intercessory aid.

How did this troubled child turn into the nun remembered by many as so kind, serene, and happy that they could not believe she had such a difficult childhood? She discovered God within herself, in her weakness and suffering, and she became a great disciple of Thérèse’s “way of confidence and love”. Léonie practiced the Little Way so deeply that in 2015 the cause for her sainthood was officially opened by the Church.


Grandma Coloring Book
This stands out among adult coloring books: when you’re finished with a page, you really have created something beautiful.

… and don’t forget the colored pencils! 


A mug in honor of my late grandma Rose, who took care of just about anything with a calm, trusting spirit.

11-ounce white ceramic; imprinted design on both sides of the mug as pictured.


“Coffee” mug
Last but not least, I’m including this because my own mother would have cackled at it!

As you prepare to celebrate Mothers Day, I share the words of Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, OP, from his book The Priest in Union with Christ on the very model of motherhood, Mary:

“This spiritual mother of all men obtains for us every grace we receive—even those particular graces for which we ask when we pray: ‘Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us now…;’ this ‘now’ means that we are asking for the individual grace of the present moment.”

Love always, Rose

P.S. Looking forward to Father’s Day, this is a great book for any priest!

P.P.S. I’m recommending these resources because I fully believe in them. If you purchase from the links above, Virtue Connection may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.




9 Responses to “Helping You Celebrate Your Mother”

  1. Diane Reinke

    Thanks for the ideas, Rose. I can vouch for the book entitled “Leonie.” Very enjoyable!

    Regarding mothers, I’ve read that a mother retains stem cells from her child in her body for the rest of her life, even if the pregnancy ends in miscarriage or abortion. What a wonderful way in which God has blessed mothers.

    Best wishes,
    Diane Isabelle

    • Rose Folsom

      Yes, I learned the same thing in a talk by Vicki Thorn that mothers retain stem cells from each child. The personal and spiritual implications are worth pondering. The gifts that mothers and fathers offer overlap a lot, but the profound physical connection is unique to motherhood.

  2. Tom Roberts

    My brother and I were the recipients of patience and unconditional love from our mother to the extent it was humanly possible. In return we gave her white hair by the age of fifty. Boys, boys! Let’s hear it for our mothers.

    • Rose Folsom

      The acceptance expressed in your comment is something I will pass on to those who may expect perfection from their mothers while overlooking all kinds of flaws in ourselves. Thank you for that.

  3. Barb

    Wonderful reflections on motherhood – refreshing as the spring air out my window. And “Leonie” sounds like a great summer read. Thanks, Rose!

    • Rose Folsom

      Great, Barb! See below that Diane recommends Leonie. Happy summer — I feel like it’s here already!

    • Rose Folsom

      Thanks, Julia! I hope you don’t mind my including the sweet message you sent by email:

      I really enjoyed this blog post, as I do all of yours! You put so much thought into each one. I loved each review of gifts and your thoughts on each. I pray you have a really great week and thanks for starting mine off on such a good note!

      Love and prayers,

  4. Rose Folsom

    Thank you for the suggestions.
    My dear mother has crossed over to a better place.
    I sent this on to my children!
    Thank you Rose, you messages are so beautiful, thank you for sharing
    May the HOLY SPIRIT be always with you
    God Bless