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guardian angel

Everyone has one, but sometimes they go unappreciated. Some people have two or three, but I have just one—with bags under his eyes.

Have you ever asked your guardian angel what he’d like to be called? I thought that was a cool idea—the least I could do is call someone who saves my skin on a regular basis by his name.

But I ended up praying for years to know what he wanted to be called—and got nothing. Finally, the name “Vincent” appeared. It means “he who conquers” in Latin. I like the name because I feel protected, especially from spiritual enemies, not to mention other drivers.

I thank him all the time. He saved me three times yesterday that I know of, keeping me from two fender benders and a sprained ankle.

But I’ll be a little embarrassed to meet him someday because he knows all the times I’ve zoned out when I should have been paying attention. You know, the times I was rehashing a conversation in my head when I should have seen the light change—and the times another driver somehow didn’t plow into me.

God, through Vincent, gave me an unusual gift at the end of the day. I was driving past the local Chabad (Orthodox Jewish community center) when I was hailed by a bearded man in a long black coat and big-brimmed hat. Usually they ignore us, but here he was trying to get my attention. I rolled down my window.

“Can I ask you a favor?”


“Being the Sabbath, we’re not allowed to turn on a light switch. Someone leaned against the switch and turned it off. It’s dark in there. Can you switch it on for us?”

I followed him in and turned the light on. The murmur of Evening Prayer filled the room. “And God said…” The switch clicked. “Let there be light.” The man pretended to be amused.

As he showed me the door, he said, “And if there’s anything you need, stop in here.”

“Will do. God bless you.”

Our guardian angels keep us out of trouble umpteen times a day. And often lead us to unexpected blessings. Gratitude is a major virtue, and I am grateful to God for my personal undercover body guard.

“See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven always look upon the face of my heavenly Father (Mt 18:10).”

If you have a cool guardian angel story, scroll down and share it!

Love always,


Angel painting: https://kulturologie-twp.narod.ru

18 Responses to “My Guardian Angel is Awesome, Especially When I’m Not”

  1. Tom Roberts

    Whoever my guardian angel is has kept me on this side of heresy and boosted me through my PhD preliminary exams at a time when I was so engaged in caring for my sick wife that I might not have made it.

  2. Sal

    Hello Rose!

    What a great topic to discuss! Yes we are certainly blessed by our Lord and God to have guardian angels assigned to us.

    Two instances that I can recall he saved my life and I’m sure there are probably many more.

    On a family trip to Italy many years ago I went horse back riding. The horse was super fast and was heading towards a pile of rocks/boulders. At the last minute I pulled the reigns to the left and just barely barely missed the rocks!

    Several years ago I got into a terrible car accident as it was very late, dark and I was very tired. There was a lot of construction w/barricades a long a strip of highway. I believe my tire blew out possibly from running over contraction material and I lost control of my car.

    Short story, no other car was involved, I ended up on the grassy median, my car was totaled! The airbag knocked off my glasses which could have taken my eyes out! I should not have been able to walk away. Thanks to him!!

    This is the first time I’ve told this story since it happened.

    • Rose Folsom

      Thanks for sharing this amazing story. Between airbags and guardian angels, I’m glad it has a good ending!

  3. Anne

    Lesson today for the children is guardian angels…perfect timing!
    And I am grateful for yours, mine, and everyone’s! Blessings to them all!

    • Rose Folsom

      Well, I guess our guardian angels got together beforehand to get you some material for your class and me for my blog!

  4. Marti Otten

    Sweet memories in my travels of complete strangers showing up at the right timing. Angel guidance exists, mine is called Angelina! I check in on a regular basis…

    • Rose Folsom

      I know you to be one of those charmed people (I have one other friend like that) to whom amazing God-incidents (not coincidences) happen all the time. I stand back in awe and see the twinkle in God’s eye.

  5. Jini Druliner

    Rose!!! I laughed and laughed about your description of your angel!! Loved it! But most of all you have made me think again about my angel…whom I had neglected until this morning…thank you for reminding me!

  6. Leah Martin

    Hi Rose, My guardian angel is named Astrid. She also carries my emails!. Note address?
    I’ve always had a relationship with her. She has saved the day , both spiritually and physically many, many times during my life.
    In small, little. Ways and in mega ways. I’ll relate one here.
    I was at a prayer service at church and on my way home I was basking in the beauty of it all when I realalized I had stopped at a green light. I asked myself” Why are you stopping for a GREEN light?” At that moment a big semi truck ran the red light
    And, I’m sure, would have globbered me.
    I praised God and thanked my guardian angel all the way home. I still marvel at how I was taken care of that evening! God is so GOOD.
    Great topic. Thanks. Rose.

    • Rose Folsom

      Wow, what a story — thanks for sharing it! Then there’s the question, “What about the bad things that DO happen?” My guardian angel gives me confidence that when bad things ARE allowed to happen, that God (with my cooperation) will draw great good out of it — mysteriously — as on the Cross.

  7. Sharon O'Brien

    Thanks for the story. What a gift that you could be an angel to our Jewish friends.


  8. Alice

    Hi Rose, There was a time years ago when I worked in DC and my son Leo, a toddler at the time, was in the car with me when we got on 95 south heading home. It was a cold winter night and I remember that it was raining when a car almost hit me as he tried to get into my lane. I managed to avoid the collision by turning my car to the left abruptly. With the rain, I lost control of the vehicle and ended up facing north. All I remember were the cars coming in the opposite direction with their lights on. They were all in slow motion and all stopped facing me very gently, with no squeaking sounds of breaks or anything. In a state of shock and trembling all over I managed to turn my car back heading south. I looked at Leo safe in his seat and felt so relieved and grateful to my guardian angel for his protection.

    • Rose Folsom

      Every once in a while we are saved in an “impossible” way, which reminds us how much protection we’re getting every day! That is a great example, and I’m glad you were both OK!

  9. Sharon

    Great story. Just a thought, I read or heard sometime ago that we should not name our Guardian Angels as they are superior in nature to us. When we something eg: our children or our pets, we kind of exercise authority over them. Remember Adam named animals.. But Guardian Angels are given to us by God and they in nature and hierarchy of creation are superior to us. So we should avoid naming them and just call them as our dear guardian angel. For the source, if you are interested, you may please check a homily by FranciscanFriars channel in YouTube given by Fr. Ignatius Manfredonia. God bless.

    • Rose Folsom

      After hearing a priest say we should name our Guardian Angels, I asked God for years to know my angel’s name. Then I finally was given the name. Then I heard recently that we should not call them by name in case we end up mistakenly asking guidance from an evil spirit with that name! So I have stopped using his name. Thanks for weighing in on that! I appreciate the input.