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Girl giving thumbs up encouragement

One of the saddest things in the spiritual life is feeling discouraged or that you’re doing something wrong, when in God’s eyes, everything (including you) is doing fine! This week’s video helps you avoid one of these traps, which is wondering why we keep drifting away from prayer that seemed so solid just a few weeks or months ago.

Take a look — you’re doing better than you think!

Love always,

24 Responses to “Today’s Encouragement”

  1. Patricia Weems

    Dear Rose,

    As always, I am refreshed and encouraged after watching not one, but three of your videos. The one about St. Therese, especially, brought me back to my roots. Thank you, and may the Good Lord richly bless you!

    In the Spirit,
    Trish Weems

  2. Debbie

    Good morning Rose,
    Thank you and yes this is a great message. I do find myself in prayer dryness, but I follow through and poof the dryness is gone. Perserver in prayer no matter what and HE brings you through on the upward spiral as you said.
    What did you make with that mushroom, yummy.
    My children out in AK, SHROOM all the time, I think that is what the little ones call it.

  3. Mary Anderson

    Yes Rose!! More quiet time with Jesus!!! We all at times experience this spiral of desolation, so what I did recently was purchase what I think is the most beautiful picture of the Sacred heart and I place it where I can see it from many angles. When I gaze upon it ,I can visually see Him beckoning me to give Him all my sorrows and my joys. Hes holding His heart wide open just waiting to receive!

  4. Cathy Pounsberry

    Thank you Rose. I needed that reminder to keep moving forward in prayer and everything.

  5. Margaret

    Wow! Thank you Rose,

    I can think of many worthwhile things to finish or do, then end up
    holding an empty bag as I procrastinate and blame age. instead of getting a wiggle on
    To have you present it gives more incentive and peace.

    Love, Margaret

  6. Scott

    This was such a lovely form of encouragement – thank you so much as always!

  7. Maria Rosarioningrum

    Thank you, Rose!

    So it is not linier, rather the spiritual life is cyclical. This is confirming. May God bless you more abundantly.

  8. Mary

    Thank you, Rose. I needed to hear this.
    God bless you for reminding me.🙏🏻😇

  9. Anne Gordon

    Thank you so much Rose. It’s a comfort to know that our spiritual life is cyclical.
    God bless you and keep you.

  10. Hilda A. Soares

    Thank you for this reminder. ((((Rose))) ❤️

  11. Jenean

    Yes, keep coming back to quiet time.
    To contemplation… let the Holy Spirit speak. Thx, Rose. Blessings, Jenean

  12. Katie

    Rose, thank you for such an inspiring message. God bless.

  13. Susie

    Hi Rose, thank you for this message. Very true. I’ve mostly heard of the ‘downward spiral’ when the word spiral is spoken. Upward spiral and your description is so good and very helpful. God bless you. JMJ

  14. Lucy Edwards

    Thank you, Rose for uplifting my life in so many ways. You are always there to do so.
    I truly appreciate it. God Bless You.

  15. Stella Lopez

    Thank you Rose, for these great words of wisdom! I so much needed to heard this,
    and also to never give up! Beautiful and inspirational message for us all!
    God bless you,

  16. Connie

    Yes, I do slack off many times! Life duties, responsibilities takes over. Now, in my 80s I find it harder to concentrate. Thank you for letting me know that’s it’s part of a spiritual cycle we go through!